I don't know if this is from the show or fan-written but it breaks my heart either way Musique Comedie Musicale Theatre Groupes De Musique Livre Photos Ecriture Reading BITCH I JUST RECOVERED FROM WATCHING THE MUSICAL AND NOW I HAVE TO DEAL WITH HIS SAD TRUTH CATCH THESE TEARS BC THIS IS SO TRUE AND MY LIFE IS WASTED Comedie Musicale Humour Theatre Romance Comedies Musicales Sandwiches Au Petit Dejeuner Le Stand Bisou Film Photos Just listened to the soundtrack of Dear Evan Hansen, and Oh my god Humour Comedie Musicale Fandoms Drole Theatre Films Comedies Musicales Visages Peuple I have been waiting for this gif and it's finally here.It's where your interests connect you with your people.Comedie Musicale Trucs Droles Photographie Theatre Conte De Fees Couple Amour Anime Ha Ha Croisement Anime Tutoriels Pour Le Dessin Au Crayon Credit to the artist: ttoba..Humour Comedie Musicale Be More Chill Les Miserables Comedies Musicales Drole reblog if you know what this is, no one say it Dessin Art Artiste Fantasy COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN kind of vent art, I?m in a slump atm so this is the only thing I managed to force out:?) Comedie Musicale Theatre Dessins Banals Couples Adorables Choses Favorites Comedies Musicales Livre This is sort of very cute ahhhh sinful ship Dessin Dessin A Faire Artiste bi zoe murphy unironically a waltaboo Comedie Musicale Theatre Fandoms Conte De Fees Dessins Banals Idees De Dessin Personnages D'animes Images De Musique Artistes eneis crying ???epression

connor murphy dear evan hansen art
60+ Dear Evan Hansen

60+ Dear Evan Hansen- Connor ideas | dear evan hansen, evan hansen, connor murphy

Connor Murphy From Dear Evan Hansen Speed Art!!

The group watched as Alex walked into the kitchen in his pajamas with a cup of coffee.Alex already didn't sleep, why the hell was he drinking energy shots..I Can't Believe I Wrote This What Was I Thinking.Comments: 95 Kudos: 174 Bookmarks: 7 Hits: 1663

connor murphy dear evan hansen art
Connor Murphy

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Connor Murphy: Dear Evan Hansen Speedpaint

Evan's funeral was a struggle to get through, and he didn't trust himself alone for the first week after.Connor knew that Evan wouldn't turn into a ghost like he did when he committed suicide.His suicide note, once again, going to the love of his life.Connor got lucky and he was revived, but without Evan, life hurt..The only other ghost Connor knew was Jeremy Heere, and that was a lucky sight. Jasper X Reader. It was still hard to believe that Evan was gone.But were they different because of his attempt, or because he woke up in a new world.Is that bad? I don't know, I'll be with you soon enough.He told his therapist that his meds were working, and that he was just tired from work.Larry might have been a jerk at times, but he didn't abuse me.All my hope was pinned on Zoe for a good chunk of time.Now Connor had a reason to get out of bed in the morning.Now all I can think about is seeing you again.Connor knew Zoe was busy packing for college at the moment, she would get the message later.When Connor woke up from a foolproof suicide attempt, he noticed that some things were different.Connor was on the roof of his apartment building, well, it was Evan's, but Connor moved in when he came back to Evan.He knew that wasn't high enough, so he moved his figure to the roof, no matter how tiring it was.Connor felt horrid.And on the one year anniversary of Connor's suicide attempt, the one where he turned into a ghost mere hours later, he made a decision.He just hoped he wouldn't become a ghost again.Connor looked back to the sunshine one last time and jumped.You were killed by your own father, that must suck. Haru rin. Connor decided to send a message to Cynthia too.He had already downed all his anti depressants, he was just waiting for the pain too kick in, that way even if the fall didn't kill him, the pills would.And although I'll be out of sight dear, know I'll be right here.Once all the pain is over I'll be with you again. The teen took a deep breath an stood up.He lied to his friends and family about how he was feeling.Connor was proud of her, he didn't go to college because he offed himself.Connor Hansen died with his wedding ring on his own hand, and his husbands on a chain around his neck.Evan's aunt and uncle offered him a job, it was high paying so he accepted the position.You always wrote these letter about why that day was going to be a good day, and I think I know why my day is gonna be a good day.Connor kept up his facade for almost three months.Connor knew what being dead was like, but not in the way that Evan would.

En savoir plus Paiement securise Carte bancaire, PayPal, Sofort: vous choisissez votre mode de paiement.Paiement securise Carte bancaire, PayPal, Sofort: vous choisissez votre mode de paiement.Les petits et moyens formats sont livres dans une pochette renforcee.Nous sommes joignables du lundi au vendredi, de 8?h a 19?h.Poser votre question Imprime rien que pour vous Votre commande est imprimee a la demande, puis livree chez vous, ou que vous soyez.En savoir plus Service dedie Une question. Lucy Hale posts Ezria reunion photo. Si vous souhaitez l'encadrer vous-meme, veuillez consulter le guide des tailles.Bordure blanche de 2,5 a 5?cm pour l'encadrement incluse dans les dimensions.En savoir plus Retour gratuit L'echange ou le remboursement est garanti sur toutes vos commandes..Formats adaptes aux dimensions de l??uvre.Nous sommes joignables du lundi au vendredi, de 8?h a 19?h. Group 3.Et sur 21 autres produits Sticker Sticker fini brillant Skin adhesive d'ordinateur Housse d'ordinateur Sticker transparent Skin adhesive iPad Coque rigide iPad Skin (autocollant) iPhone Coque rigide iPhone Coque souple iPhone Coque antichoc iPhone Skin (autocollant) Samsung Galaxy Coque rigide Samsung Galaxy Coque souple Samsung Galaxy Coque antichoc Samsung Galaxy Impression artistique Carte postale Poster Pochette Carte de v?ux Cahier a spirale Magnet Connor Murphy (cher Evan Hansen) Impression artistique par.Retour gratuit L'echange ou le remboursement est garanti sur toutes vos commandes

connor murphy dear evan hansen art
Image result for connor murphy deh funny

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MY R ANIMATIC// (Connor Murphy/Dear Evan Hansen)

Connor prepared to bury that part down, like he alwys did, because no-one cares, you’re just the freak school-shooter chic faggot kid with issues and you don’t matter. He really was alone.And that could mean a repeat of yesterday.That’s okay.Why had Connor Murphy, the school druggie, bothered to sign his cast.Connor let out a soft laugh, entirely different to how he’d sounded when he was laughing about Evan’s arm. Klance sex. He could breathe.So you can, text me, or whatever.” Connor suddenly felt hot all over, anger washing over him. All alone. -- The second that happened, Connor pulled his hand away, and hugged his knees, avoiding Evan’s stare.This time, Evan jumped away as if he'd been burned.” Connor felt his face twisting in anger at being told to calm down So it was Kleinman, then.You have to go to school, and deal with calculus, and school, and people, and Connor. --. -- Evan struggled to keep his breathing under control as he followed the taller boy to his car. He could deal with being alone for the next few hours until he was ready to try again.He was a freak who didn't matter and he was a burden to everyone and Jared only hung with him because they were family friends and and and and -.If he could help it, no-one saw him cry. “I, uh, wanted to apologize.And you still have his stupid fucking letter, but you can’t go back now, because you’ll look stupid.And then he proceeded to watch in horror, numb, as Connor Murphy, the guy no one dared to hold eye contact with, had a full blown panic attack.It was lucky Connor had his head buried in his knees, hair strewn out around him, looking so impossibly soft- Evan froze. A Vampire Academy Fanfic. He wasn’t, though. Connor had said so himself.His hands began to scratch at his wrists, as the itch turned to a burn.And then he ended up deleting the whole paragraph, slamming his laptop shut and sliding off the bed.” Connor frowned. Jared would never let him live this down. He could do this. “L-look, Connor, I'm not the best at this, but you need to breathe. “Sorry you had to see that,” he muttered again. “Oh, um, he’s not a total asshole.What they see in each other, is entirely different.If today was going to be anything like yesterday, then the sentence he had just typed was a total lie. He could do this.No, wait, why would you be that important to some random kid.” “Yeah, didn’t I just say that?” Evan’s eyebrows shot up, and Connor resisted the urge to roll his eyes. “Sorry,” he spat out, and that was all he could manage before he ended up doing something stupid like crying.

connor murphy dear evan hansen art
Dear Evan Hansen Connor

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She was smart and could talk to anyone she wanted to.From the other side of the door, he hears a loud “Holy shit!” and then stumbling steps.He couldn't say he was actually there to see his little sister, Zoe, who he had a crush on since the beginning of Junior year when he saw his first Jazz Band concert.He wonders if his mother thought he fell.Connor lifts his hand up to shove him towards the door so he flinches back. “My mom is never home so she never saw you because she's always at work. Futaba. Evan rubs his hands down his pants in a nervous habit as Connor’s intimidating stare doesn't break away from him, but then he’s shrugging his shoulders and looks away.” “You fell out of a tree.He is taller than he is and stands above him with a glare..It wasn’t intimidating though, the house held a warm feel to it, with picture after picture of the Beck family littering the walls.He then thinks of the other people being 'left behind' and he feels himself frowning.His hands rest on his chest and his fingers tap along to what closely resembles the beat of the song playing.And that's funny because the one time he really should be invisible is when someone finally sees him.Anyway, you notice the book I'm reading as a book you have read before and you ask me about it or some dumb shit.He walks through the door and inside the room is dark, the lights are off and the curtains are closed.He ends up in the Murphy household and finds out that the one and only Connor Murphy seems to be able to see him.He goes inside in the thought of maybe seeing Zoe but when he steps inside of the house he is amazed at how large it was.He’d either have a blank deadpan stare or a very noticeable scowl etched into his features.Evan began to feel nervous trying to figure out what it meant.Evan, as a ghost, decides to visit the people he had wanted to talk to when alive because he thought no one would be able to see him.The silence is broken by the sound of the front door opening which causes Connor to turn back into his room and slam the door closed.He didn’t need to flinch back because Connors's hand goes through him which causes him to stumble forward slightly. Gamer Escape's FFXIV. The night passes quickly when you don't feel the persistent need for sleep.Not once had he seen him smile or talk this much unless he was angry.I’m fucking crazy” “Y-yeah well that was in the second grade!” Connor just glares in return but this time it doesn’t hold much of the same anger it did earlier.He knows he hits the ground but he can't feel it.

It's where your interests connect you with your people.Personnages Illustrations Illustrations De Personnages Anime Art Dessin weirdo.It's where your interests connect you with your people.It's where your interests connect you with your people..It's where your interests connect you with your people. Category:Succubus Family. Comedie Musicale Dessin A Faire Lin Manuel Illustrations De Personnages Broadway Mignonne A Dessiner Comedies Musicales Livre i?m not a prophet but i?m here to profit miikpal: ?this was a sign, god wanted to see the murphy sibs posing together in matching outfits

connor murphy dear evan hansen art
Pin on Dear evan hansen

100+ Dear evan hansen art ideas | dear evan hansen art, dear evan hansen, evan hansen

[Speedpaint] Dear Evan Hansen - Connor Murphy

They want to know the why and the where and the how, and if that’s the last thing Connor does, he should probably do it right. Angry. (A sketchbook passes from hand to hand.Or maybe to whoever’s had the misfortune of knowing me.He considers chucking his pencil and the sketchbook straight out the window or dumping it in the river that runs through Ellison where no one could ever find it, but before he can even think about that he puts pencil to paper and covers the entire page in one giant, angry word.Comments: 256 Kudos: 458 Bookmarks: 60 Hits: 3891. Homestuck witch of blood. Leave it somewhere hidden so no one has to experience his corpse and also his note at the same time.A face, maybe.Even if it’s some random unsuspecting passerby who just wanted to go on a nice hike and smell the fresh air.It’s happening at the park, tonight, around 3 am, and it’s going to be the first thing he’s ever actually succeeded at.He’s angry because he can’t fucking draw and he’s angry that his family sucks and he’s angry that he’s not normal, he’ll never just be normal. Sure. Connor’s always been decent at those.He figures everything’s pretty clear already..That one janitor that let him sleep in the supply closet for his free period when he was so fucked up he couldn’t walk straight.He glances down, as is human nature, and he has to blink his eyes into focus because.He can’t have a normal life, he can’t have the things that functioning members of society have like actual friends or a social life or a romantic partner, maybe, and he’s just.Is he just going to leave this open to the right page next to his body at that stupid fucking park.Maybe he’ll start it with to whoever’s had the misfortune of finding me.The assholes at school, the teachers who didn’t believe in him

connor murphy dear evan hansen art

Evan wasn’t here.No, Jared didn’t let himself think about that possibility, instead willing all of his (somewhat meagre) brainpower to focus on searching for Evan’s ward. His phone. It was what he was best at, anyway.Because when Evan laughed his whole face lit up; his eyes sparkled, he looked genuinely happy; he even stopped hunching over for a few seconds, letting himself open up his body, vulnerable and wide.The first time Jared had made Evan laugh was with a poorly timed joke during one of their marathon Mario Kart sessions in 7th grade. Ff14 silence of the lambs. What on earth could’ve Evan done that landed him in the psych ward? Only- No.Which meant he wasn’t gonna turn up at all. And there was no point keeping his hopes up because Evan was never late.The receptionist didn’t look up.The second was that time Jared zoned out during their French class, blurting out “Paris!” when asked what the answer was to the question on the board, when the question in question was meant to be answered with his favourite food.If Luke saw him, well, fuck Luke.yeah?” “.Evan was slipping into a slumber, evidently under some kind of sedative. A group that just so happened to exclude Evan. Fine.Why wasn’t Evan looking at him? “J-J-Jare?” Jared brightened up considerably at the nickname, buoyed with the sound of Evan’s voice.. He left a letter?” A letter. A group.He just told me he fell out of a tree.But he had been met with a fair few threats, and besides, who cared if he was staying up till 4 every morning, who cared if he was skipping almost every meal.

connor murphy dear evan hansen art

Yet the most curious detail was the girl bursting from his chest.Now what? An uncomfortable chill rushed through her palms.Gentle brushes blended the corners into the rest of the face.He set to the eyes; stooped to grab clay off the discarded pieces, then rolled them into thin balls.There were no guts, no ribs, no dollops of clay acting as sticky blood.The girl blinked, a casual feeling of befuddlement coming and going quickly. Prometheus marvel. His chest rolled with oblique bumps of muscle, strangely real.The one that formed now as he worked-- toothy, wide and unwavering--was fresh and pure and real.She almost wished she could touch it--but Connor would bite her head off for it.Listless mounds formed her breasts, and above that, sharp divots for her collar bone.Her confidence bolstered, she smiled, akimbo in front of the statue.His fingers teased the features into a smile.The male dug tidbits of dried clay from beneath his nails nonchalantly, but his cheeks, half obscured in the prude light, bore a dusting of pink.With calculated pressure, he created divots above the nose with his thumb, stuck the small clay balls into the centers.She tapped her boot heel on the ground, shifted the pink skirt hugging her hips. Just this. Maybe now she had to ditch the idea that they could grow closer through this.It was still wet.Maybe she'd seen him beam at a compliment walking by.Had she ever seen Connor smile like this? Maybe once.She too had the detailed hair flowing to her shoulders. Piece after piece fell onto the floor, making wet thuds that made Alaba wince--and typically, hop to keep her feet from getting hit.

connor murphy dear evan hansen art

But this time, Connor had already begun his drive to Chicago where he was helping out a fellow artist that he owed a favor to.I may even argue that I missed you more.” Evan scoffed at that, feigning offense.Of course, his plot was interrupted when the bedroom door swung open and a tired and dishevelled looking Connor kicked off his shoes and practically collapsed on top of Evan.He wore Connor’s biggest, softest hoodie, and a pair of comfy sweatpants to keep him warm, and made himself a mug of cocoa and toast for breakfast.He wrapped his arms around the smaller boy lovingly, and held on like it was the end of the world. Mature oral tumblr. Throughout the whole movie marathon, Evan was snuggled up next to Zoe, because the only thing that even came close to being as good as Connor-cuddles were Zoe-cuddles..Usually, Connor would still be fast asleep next to him on their bed in their cozy apartment.Connor should’ve been home an hour ago, but had texted Evan to alert him of a traffic delay.He had left at about 5 AM, which meant Evan had missed out on roughly 2 hours of Connor-snuggles.Then he decided to drive up to Zoe’s to watch some movies with her since they’d missed their last movie weekend together.Or destroy the world trying to find someone to cuddle him

connor murphy dear evan hansen art

Pepper?” Connor took the phone off his ear and whispered to Evan, “Want anything else?” Evan shook his head.If he knows you because of me, he’ll get you a discount.He stood up from the couch, walking in front of Evan.Evan’s body was trembling so hard, Connor thought he was going to faint. “Would it make you feel better if I order?” Evan nodded.See you then!” Connor ended the call and handed the phone back to Evan. 10 MGE Hellhound ideas. “How you feeling?” Evan shrugged. “Breathe out.Connor took his backpack, taking out his laptop and turning it on.Connor waved him off.” Thunder clapped loudly, a bolt of lightning shining through the window.Connor reassuringly smiled to Evan. “Also, Carlo and I are like best buds.Honey, there's some sweetness goin' 'round.It didn’t let up at all, and thunder was heard every few minutes. “No, n-not at a-all.Awesome! Oh, it’s being delivered to a different address.Sometimes, Zoe would give some drawing suggestions. I can help.Evan was still shaking. -------------------- Evan felt awkward in his pose.Evan’s eyes widened, but then he relaxed.He wasn’t very photogenic, at least that’s what he thought. Bruce x Tony fanart by colonelrogers. ” Evan looked a bit nervous.” He slowly breathed out of his mouth.” He said as he pocketed his phone. “Pepperoni?” “P-pepperoni. “Aw, sweet!” Connor cheered.” Connor squeezed the foundation onto his hand and began blotting Evan’s face with a beauty blender. “Wanna do something, Ev?” Connor asked.And then the lights went out, the only light ablaze being Connor’s phone.It was Princess and the Frog.

connor murphy dear evan hansen art

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